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Now, wait a minute:
  • Do you know the difference between professional MT and the commercial massage variety?

Also . . .
    What kind of a combination is that?

  • MT WO/MAN: With about 80% women, is Massage Therapy really a woman's profession? The Gender Perspective. It's not for women only.
  • MTs' WEB-PRESENCE @ MT WEB CENTRAL How qualified MT professionals, MT schools, MT organizations and the MT-related industry--from any country--can benefit from our our high-traffic website, our site-development, web-production and hosting capablities.

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  • SPORTS HEALTH Where Massage Therapy has arrived.
  • BIO-PROFILES of MTs NEAR YOU™ Meet the people in the profession and see a sample "professional-bio" webpage.
  • STATE BOARDS FOR MT: THE DIRECTORY Listings, info, and available links. All [we know] about State Boards for Massage Therapy in the USA and soon--hopefully--eleswhere.
  • "GIVE 'EM HEALTH!" about BRURIA GINTON, LicMT, Chief Architect, MT WEB CENTRAL and Founding Director, ASSOCIATED MTs™.
  • IT'S YOUR BODYMIND, IT'S YOUR HEALTH . . . PUT THEM IN SAFE HANDS A Public Message from MT WEB CENTRAL to the consumer.
  • SMOQUIT™ It's a global online support group in the making! With Bruria Ginton & Helene Weinberg. Hey, did you get the F.A.C.T.S.?

  • THE MT INDEX The trees in the forest. An alphabetical list of Bodymind Healthwork techniques and methods.
  • MT CAT Meet Shoshone, the healing cat with zen.
  • MEDIA WATCH Editorial and commercial portrayal of Massage Therapy.
  • BREAKING BREAD Sharing fast, fun, and healthful food recipes.
  • (necessary) Disclaimer

  • TOC in a Nutshell

    What Kind Of A Combination Is That?

    On its face, a very unlikely one. The lowest-tech with the highest-tech? The earliest (health) tech with the latest (who knows how healthy) tech? The perfect Yin & Yang? A combination by contradiction? Some sort of high-touch khutzpa? You wonder.


    And did you know that Massage Therapy is a valid, cost-effective, reliable and available remedy for the prevention and rehab of all of the above? Or do you still think Massage Therapy is just a luxury-type beauty treatment or a shopping-mall/locker-room gimmick?

    STAY TUNED . . . because we're here to tell you the "busting to be told," well-kept secret about professional-level Massage Therapy. Stuff that the media somehow don't get around to. This stuff, you see, is the opposite of "sexy". Somehow, however, more and more people are finding this stuff very useful. And we are more than happy to share the info with the whole world.

    WHO SHOULD STAY TUNED . . .? If you are an interested consumer, a licensed massage therapist [LicMT, or equivalent], if you would like to become a LicMT and develop a professional-level practice, or if you are or you know a concientious, open-minded health professional--you, perhaps?--webmark our site and participate in the unfolding story of the MT profession online.

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