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MT professionals share the knowledge, responsibilities, pride and work satisfaction derived from engaing in a calling to provide their clients and patients with a vital health service as a way of making a living. Naturally, "taking care of business" is an important but secondary element of their worklife.

Commercial massage entrepreneurs share the effort to market massage in a way which is primarily meant to maximize profits. Taking care of clients and patients, or for that matter, taking care of employees, is not their primary goal.

If we, MTs, want to establish MT as a long due, long-term professional health trend, not just a temporary business fad, we must agree to take an unambiguous professional stance. At all times, anywhere we practice for a living. In addition to creating professional MT practices, we must make a special effort to turn the natural conflict between our professional goals and the interests of commercial massage into a healthier, a win-win situation. We need to convince commercial massage entrepreneurs as well as many healthcare providing institutions that a professional work environment is necessary for us and for the health consumer. We must lead them to understand that a professional work environment is also good for their bottom line. We can show them how, time and again, an assembly-line massage environment has proven a much more dubious investment than the hype would lead them to believe. Once we take the time to educated the public, the health consumer will be our natural ally. By being ambiguous or silent about our professional goals, by allowing MT organizations to operate without clear professional boundaries, to pretend as if we can "have it both ways," we are only acting as our own best enemy . . . Some of us, have decided to embrace the first rule of sports, which is that "you always change a losing game," and apply it to the MT profession. We have decided to help one another first, for a change.

In January 1996, ASSOCIATED MTs™ opened its virtual gates on board MASSAGE THERAPY WEB CENTRAL to help individual MTs as well as other professional MT organizations who support the professional agenda establish an Internet Presence in the fastest, most reliable, and least expensive way. Interested MT organizations can get our "MT Ramp to the 21st Century" proposal by snail-mailing a formal request to:

QWL Services, MT Dept, POB 20795, NYC 10025.

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Tired of the impersonal assembly-line, locker-room, beauty-parlor, schlepp-a-table, dead-end massage circuit? Ready for a professional-level practice? Ever wished there had already been more professional-quality work settings for MTs? Do you realize how many confusing messages the public receives about Bodymind Healthwork? You are not alone.

Mission Statement
Recognizing the earned status of LicMTs and all the money that went into their education, Since 1992, ASSOCIATED MTs' goal has been to connect, mobilize, and help its members toward professional-level success, quality in their worklife, and cross-disciplinary cooperation. Sponsored by Quality of Work Life Services, ASSOCIATED MTs™ is a growing professional network for present and future LicMTs, implementing a wide-range of ethical, consumer-friendly promotion tools, mentoring, and advocacy for colleagues wherever they practice.

It's Hot. It's Cool. It's Global.
And It Works!

"I joined because of its focused, professional, cooperative, and cost-effective operation. Our ads, direct-mail, publicity, online exposure, personalized promotion engine, MT USER GUIDE, and listings get me regular calls. And with a new client--a runner--on my table, I thought: 'Hey, AMTs really works!'" - Fern Kushner, LicMT, Germany

"I've done quite a bit of practice promotion on my own. Truth is, I have already sunk hundreds of dollars into advertising in publications that are mainly read by people like me--looking for clients. But other advertisers are not necessarily licensed. And the publications were not exactly created to support MT professionals. The results? You guessed it. Little or...none. OK, promotion is tax-deductible but, hey, who's gonna reimburse me for my career and aspirations? As a former serious athlete, I knew it was time to change my game, listen to some professional advice, not only to my own common sense. And certainly not to the hype. That's why I joined ASSOCIATED MTs. Besides which, Bruria's goals, credentials, down-to-earth personality and can-do attitude made me feel comfortable right off the bat." - Rip Stahura, LicMT, USA

Active Members commit themselves to state [or equivalent] and other rules of professional conduct and to the ethical requirements of ASSOCIATED MTs™ Upon joining, Active Membership dues are $120.00/year (but only $65.00/year - for renewal). This entitles qualified members to:



In states not yet under Massage Therapy license, a copy of a valid license from another state, or proof of MT education is required for Active Membership. A local business MT license is not a qualifying credential. ASSOCIATED MTs™ and QWL Services are not looking for sheer numbers. Therefore, they reserve the right to disqualify, and immediately discontinue the membership of an Active Member when in their opinion such member does not support professional MT goals, and/or the goals of MT WEB CENTRAL or QWL Services.

for Enlightened, Body-Minded Individuals . . .

If you support the direction we are taking, no matter what your good reasons are, you may join as a Supportive Member--even without professional credentials. At $35.00/year, you will get a Supportive Member certificate, and you can order the ASSOCIATED MTs™ public promotion tools; MT USER GUIDE , (one is FREE), our T-shirt, our Postcards, and whatever we'll drum-up in the future for our growing fan club!.

to Get a Professional Head Start AND $ave . . .

Why not get a head start? Why do it the hard way in an already "not-so-easy" profession? ASSOCIATED MTs welcomes you as early as you enroll in an MT school! At $25.00/year, you will get a Student Member certificate, and you can order the ASSOCIATED MTs™ public promotion tools MT USER GUIDE , our T-shirt, our Postcards, and whatever we'll drum-up in the future for our growing fan club! Best of all, when ready to upgrade to Active Member and establish your own web-presence you pay only the renewal fee!

When "Joining" Strikes You As Too Big a Step. . .

MT Web Central now creates webpresence for qualified MTs who are interested in inexpensive and reliable practice promotion on our high-traffic website. When material is submitted web-ready, there is no Production charges. We do charge annual Time & Space fees for our Global Directory Listing, for a Professional-Bio Webpage, and for a Listing and Webpage combination. Details are on the Rates & Application for non-members.

"Thanks to the speed of computer communications, the distance from any single point on the Net to any other is essentially the same, which is to say, zero. Geographical distances make no difference. From your computer on a farm in Idaho, you can pull in info from a computer located in Hong Kong one second and switch to a computer located in Paris the next--and never notice the difference!" - Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner, authors, Making Money on the Internet

Come and join us in these hot but not-so-easy times as the global economy keeps human-down-sizing and out-placing, and professional-quality massage therapists must move freely between the world of soft-tissue and the world of software. Together we can gain professional pride and prodigital success!

Even marketing experts recognize that . . .

Et voila! . . .The Application Form

All because, to us, your MT License is so much more than "just a piece of paper!"

So nice to have you on board
Massage Therapy Web Central
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