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[ ] Enclosed is a US currency check or money order for $__________ payable to QWL Services.

Applying for 199_ membership and Web-Presence:
[ ] Joining Active Members: $120.00   
[ ] Renewing Active Members: $65.00
[ ] Directory Listing: FREE
[ ] Professional-Bio Webpage: FREE

Applying for 199_ membership only:
[ ] Supportive Members: $35.00
[ ] Student Members: $25.00
[ ] Student upgrading to Active Members: $65.00

[ ] My Practice-Listing and/or the text for my Professional-Bio are sent via E-Mail with my passport-type photo as a "gif" or "jpeg" attachment.

[ ] My Practice-Listing and/or the text for my Professional-Bio are sent on a Mac-compatible floppy, with my passport-type photo as a "gif" or "jpeg" file.

[ ] Enclosed is a copy of my MT license, registration and other pertinent credentials (unless upgrading membership category, only new applicants need send copies).

[ ] I warrant that the details submitted are true and correct and that future additions or alterations to those details will be true and correct.

Name ______________________________________________

Licensed since_____________

Professional Membership(s)______________________________

Postal Address _______________________________________________

City _______________________________ State ____

Zip _____________________ Country _____________

Practice Address_______________________________________________
Please follow our Global Directory way of listing, omitting the house number
[ie. Main St (bet 3rd and 4th Ave)

Tel _________________ Fax _________________

URL _____________________________


Signature:_________________________ Date:____________

PROFESSIONAL CONSENT: I agree to be a cooperative MT professional, practicing in a way which helps build a professional infrastructure for all MTs, while in persuit of my own professional success.

Toward that, I am proud to identify my profession as massage therapy (or MT), myself as a massage therapist, use the professional designation LicMT--or the equivalent legal professional designation in my area--practice in a client-centered manner, and adhere to professional conduct protocol. My goal is to develop my own office-based (individual or group) MT practice for which I will be solely responsible, or to be employed as a practicing MT in a professional setting. Before I begin treatment portion of the first MT session, I agree to conduct an initial intake consultation with every new client and patient, taking essential notes for greater insight and future reference. If in private practice, I agree to set a professional fee schedule and--in any setting--refuse "tips" politely but firmly.

I agree not to impose any multi-level marketing of products, services, or extra-professional ideologies on my clients and patients or on fellow health professionals and employees. And I agree to maintain proper professional boundaries. When offering on-site or home visits, I agree to administer such MT sessions in a professional manner and refrain from hype and commercial massage. As member of professional association(s) which I may belong to, I also agree to support the professional MT agenda over the commercial massage agenda. Finally, I agree that it is not ethical to call myself a professional when I actually offer commercial services. Among others, therefore, I will not mislead the public to believe that I am a professionally licensed MT, just because I have a license to operate a commercial massage business.

Signature:_________________________________ Date:________________

Professional Consent: With the exception of Supportive Members, this section of the Application is to be read, signed, and mailed by all applicants, members and non-members.

Links: Internal links are part of our Web-Presence program for MTs. Therefore, your Practice-Listing will be linked from the Global Directory of MTs NEAR YOU™ to your Professional-Bio page at no additional cost. External links are not automatically included in the Web-Presence program and are granted on a case by case basis.

Professional-Bio Webpage: No greater than a standart 8.5" x 11" printed page, using 12-point fonts and including a passport-type photo. Even if it mentions other areas of interest and expertise, the overall focus of the text must be your work and background as an MT.

Equivalency Qualifications: In states not yet under Massage Therapy license, either a copy of a valid license from another state, a national-type certificate from within the MT profession, or proof of at least 500 hours of pertinent MT education is required for Active Membership. A local business MT license is not a qualifying credential. Outside the USA, proof of MT education is required.

Expiration of Specials: Special offers may end, and rates may change at any time without notice. Applications received at our address after the expiration of special offers or after new rates have been posted are subject to the regular fees and new rates respectively.

Renewals: Membership is renewable before Jan 1st. Membership Fees are non-refundable. Non-membership charges are renewable 12 months from the day of initial uploading.

End Note: MT WEB CENTRAL and QWL Services are not looking for sheer numbers. Therefore, they reserve the right to "pass" any application which in their opinion does not indicate support of professional MT goals, and/or the goals and spirit of the venues @ QWL SPACE.

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