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Worn by actor Makoto Suzuki, who says: "Wear it only when you are ready . . . for compliments."

"OK, OK, so the photographer did a lousy job. But in reality, the photo-logo on the T-shirt is every bit as striking as the headers with the same stylish hand-MT logo throughout this website. I promise . . . As a matter of fact, send us your photo wearing our T-shirt and MT WEB CENTRAL will put you up too. And oh, above the photo it says: ASSOCIATED MTs. Below the photo: Licensed Massage Therapists NEAR YOU. "

Wow . . . we're out of stock (as of Jun 10, '98) . . . Sorry.
Please come back (around Aug 1, '98) for the new, exciting:
"T-Shirt Collection of MTWC.COM."

In the meantime, you can print out, complete
and mail Advance Order to:

QWL Services, MT Dept, POB 20795, NY, NY 10025

at $12.95/each plus $3.50 S & H first t-shirt. Add $1.00 for each additional shirt. Add $1.00 for each XXL size.
Send me a total of _________ T-shirts:
COLOR: [ ] Black; [ ] White;    SIZE: [ ]L; [ ]XL; [ ]XXL
[ ] Enclosed is a US currency ck/mo for $__________ payable to QWL Services.

Name _______________________________________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________

City ________________________________ State ____ Zip ___________

E-Mail____________________ URL_______________________________


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