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With a Diploma in Swedish massage from the National College of Natural Healing (NCNH), Lawrence Litzow heads the MT team working in a near-city Health & Fitness centre in Brisbane, Australia.

Litzow first became interested in MT as the owner of his own health & fitness centre in the 1980s. The acquisition of that centre followed a great interest in nutrition and exercise, with the desire to put into practice some of the education he had obtained during a prolonged interest in power lifting and body building.

Having trained with Philip FM Asmar, an experienced and well known MT and naturopath who was then the Principal of the NCNH and the developer of the Trigger Point technique in Australia, Litzow received a diploma in Swedish massage. He has also trained in sports massage and lympathic drainage massage.

His clientele ranges from a para-Olympian powerlifter to a great-grandmother of eighty, but most clients come from the professional business sector. His experience in health and fitness centres along with his personal involvement in training with weights has provided a wealth of experience in treating sports-related injuries. Knowing that all healing comes from within and that this process can be accelerated by having the unconscious mind know what is expected of it, he combines the techniques of massage with Alpha therapy--on table meditation and visualization.

The techniques he uses are all aimed at two things:

Being somewhat "avant-guard" in recognizing coming trends, Litzow sees the rediscovery and the move to natural remedies and healing as sensible and inevitable. With an extensive background in Finance and Small Business affairs , he believes that professionals in many disciplines are now beginning to recognize that much valuable and useful knowledge from past times has been forgotten or overlooked. And he delights in practicing MT, using essential oils and other natural modalities and approaches that help fellow human beings toward greater health.

Admiring and supportive of the pioneering work that ASSOCIATED MTs NEAR YOU(sm) has been doing, Litzow was excited to be a co-founding, first Austrorld wide professional network and referral directory of qualified MTs and, otherwise, a total Massage Therapy center," says Litzow, "is a laudable ambition."

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