Breaking Bread . . .

When Fast Food Doesn't Mean Junk . . .
We're cookin'. But we're not quite ready to type and tag all the improvised recipes that keep us going. Until we are, you might want to check out our vegetarian links which we've discovered just by keeping our browser on the go. Or if you're looking for a sweet project, go bake yourself a Carrot Soy Cake and tell us how it was. Or, for a G'day, why not try a super healthy Breakfast recipe which has just been delivered from down under.

Coming soon . . . a few "Cross-Asian, Med-Rim" specials from Bruria Ginton.

Better yet, if you have a great recipe, quick to make, tasty, a recipe which can guide us in a healthy nutritional direction, hey, why not share it? In the "Subject," enter "BREAKING BREAD." Thanks.

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