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According to Lawrence Litzow, AKA the Wiz of Auz, our need for Omega 3 oil is not satisfied by our normal diet. Most "good" oils contain some Omega 3, but more likely a predominance of Omega 6. We should supplement out diet with Omega 3, of which we need about half our Omega 6 requirement.

Best sources of Omega 3 are fish oil and flax seed oil (must be cold pressedas heat changes the molucular structure of the oil)...the following recipe is designed to help provide some Omega 3

Seed Sensation

Put ground seeds in a bowl, cover with half the blueberries and the orange juice. Mix together - flax oil cream, vanilla, honey and the rest of the blueberries in the blender and pour over the above.

Flax Oil Cream
"This, " says the Wiz, "is good for breakfast, but I guess the typical New Yorker would not have time to prepare it!"

Lawrence Litzow is a fellow MT from...well, go visit him on board MT WEB CENTRAL and see for yourself.

If you have a great recipe, quick to make, tasty, a recipe which can guide us in a healthy nutritional direction, hey, why not share it? In the "Subject," enter "BREAKING BREAD." Thanks

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