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Island Software Company-
Massage Office 2.1 NOW RELEASED! Unmatched client tracking and marketing tools. Includes full featured word processor and utility to fill out and print HCFA-1500 insurance forms. Also with full S.O.A.P. notes module with anatomical muscle chart. [Published: Jun '00]
Website:   Tel: 877-384-0295   E-Mail

Healthy Messages-
Beautiful, custom-designed promotional and customer relations materials for building a professional Massage Therapy business. Includes gift certificates, promotional counter signs, greeting cards and more. Contact: Jodi Martineau, ImagineTree [Published: Jan '00]

Massage for Pain Relief videos-
Discover six proven techniques that increase client referrals. Advanced skills explained in everyday language. Great closeups. From Massage Momentum Corporation [Published: Jan '00]

Stronglite Inc
Products for the Successful Practioner. Stronglite offers top quality massage tables, chairs and accessories. [Published: May '99]
Website:   Tel 800-289-5487  

Inversion traction for low back pain relief. Exclusive distributor. Our unit is reasonably priced and user friendly.[Published: Feb '98]
Website:     E-Mail

Well-Being MT Supply House
Well-Being is the new massage supply house in the NorthEast that is stocking massage therapy equipment AND medical supplies. 6107 Stone Hill Rd. Livonia N.Y. 14487. [Published: Feb '98]
Contact: Michael Lipinski   Tel: 716-346-5970.   E-Mail

Oakworks Massage Therapy equipment.
State of the art portable and stationary massage tables, chairs and accessories. Call us for a catalog. [Published: Jan '98]
Contact: Oakworks   Tel 800-558-8850.

RN Career Placement Service
National NurseSearch--a free service to nurses with its own website.
Contact: Kate Purcell, RN Recruiter   Tel: 405-691-5466.   E-Mail

Doctor Tested, Aids in the Relief of Stress, Sinus Discomfort, Headaches, Arthritis, and More. Helps to Promote a Restful Sleep. Great for use during Meditaiton. Can be Heated, Chilled, or used at Room Temperature. All Natural. Flax Seed Filled. Proudly Handmade in the USA. Pillow Price $14.95 ptpd.
Send Check or Money Order to: Beaks Unlimited 1328 River Ave, MB Suite #166, Lakewood, NJ 08701. E-Mail or call 1-800-870-3075.

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