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Position or Space in San Francisco Area
Registered Massage Therapist from Vancouver, Canada. 2500 hrs therapeutic training and three years clinical experience. [Published: Jun 'oo]
Contact: Jennifer    E-mail.

NYC: Part-Time Furnished Workspace Available
Looking for a caring, considerate LMT to rent my furnished space Fridays & Sundays. Space is on the same floor as a large, newly renovated Pilates/Yoga studio. High potential for clients from the studio. Located on 23rd St, between 5th & 6th Avenues. [Published: Jun '00]
Contact: Amy Baker    E-mail.    Or call: 917-509-6115

Looking for MT Education in England
A practicing MT, I will be travelling and spending a few months in England. Any suggestions? [Published: Jun '98]
Contact: Asaf Ben-Shahar   E-mail:

Seeking Workspace in San Diego.
Rhode Island LicMT/Shiatsu Practioner (5 years experience). Moving to California Sep '98. Suggestions? [Published: May '98]
Contact: Steve   E-mail:

MT Mothers' Network
I'm interested in networking with licensed massage therapists who are also mothers to share motherhood concerns and worklife possibilities.
Contact: Jill   Tel: 212-662-9272.

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