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Used Equipment Wanted

Interested in used portable massage chair and or table! Must be in perfect condition and please send a digital picture to me ASAP. [published: Jun '00]
Contact: Sharon by E-Mail for more info.

Prefer Tatum, Earthlite or Oakworks. [published: May '00]
E-Mail for more info.

Used Equipment For Sale

Alpha Massage Environmental Chamber System -
Massage/Heat/Aromatherapy/Cassette fully programable Sports, Relaxation, Weight Loss programs New in 1996 - cost $10,000 Sell - $3,500 Call Bob Trafzer. [published: Jan '00]
E-Mail for more info.

Vibratory Machine -
GX-99 Endermatherapy. Best offer. Call Stacy: 706-569-5064. [published: August '99]
E-Mail for more info.

MT Table - SOLD
New cedar Pices products(C.A.) Massage table. Used only a few times. Complete with headrest. Great condition, great color. $300.00.[published: May '98]

MT Table - SOLD
Living Earth Craft table with crescent facerest. $245.00 (plus shipping costs from Manhattan).[published: May '98]
E-Mail for more info.

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