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It would be nice if the passage of a professional licensing law were a gift from heaven, or, at least, an automatic gift from your professional association. Paradoxically, in the United States there are still professional associations for MTs with their headquarters in states that have not passed a professional licensing law! It's, therefore, so important for each of us to realize that professional laws can be achieved through Public Policy. Passing such a law where you are is the result of people (like you and us) telling fellow students, colleagues, members of their professional associations and local politicians that they want such professional license. Not once, not twice, but relentlessly, till the receipients of your message listen and "get it."

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Counting on your sense of humor, we took the liberty ot express ours with the title of this notice just to call your attention to a serious problem--the urgent need to create greater professional status for MTs. As you know, we think that (safe) sex is a fine thing as long as it is not mixed with professional massage, as long as the boundaries are clear and unequivocal. That is, there is nothing sexual about professional intercourse. If you're still not sure, read Massage Therapy and Sex.

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