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One of the fastest growing areas of inquiries--by far--is the daily questions we receive from prospective MT students! Since January 1996 we have been informing our guests about all professional MT matters, including MT education. Our editorial content is a free service to the profession, fueled, mostly, by the volunteer work of dedicated MT professionals. Our independent content is sponsored by a growing number of companies who have found our website a good target market for their products, by the MT-related industry and by other MT advocates. Thanks to the growth in advertising revenue, we can make more of our content free.

If your schoold has not taken advantage of our highly recognizable name, MTWC.COM, it means that thousands of our monthly interactive guests cannot find YOUR MT school on MT WEB CENTRAL. For example, during October '99 alone, more than 20,000 individuals have spent between 20 to 30 minutes on board MT WEB CENTRAL, generating more than 210,000 impressions (or hits)! And these stats (collected by the reliable WebTrends) have been growing at a steady monthly rate since we "went web" in January 1996.

We can list your school in our Global Directory of MT Schools, create a webpage for your school and host it on MT WEB CENTRAL, or we can link your listing to your school's existing webpage and send even more traffic your way! Best of all we are offering rates that are way below any even remotely similar marketing effort for your MT shcool offline! We are a leading website for the profession because we have been working at it full-time from the get go. Our web content and marketing expertise, our long experience as MT professionals and our earliness are all major advantages. Our major advantages can be your advantages too.

Print out, Complete and Mail Application to:

QWL Services, MT Dept, POB 20795, New York, NY 10025

Web-Presence for MT Schools

[ ] Enclosed is a US currency check or money order for $__________ payable to QWL Services.

Applying for 12-month Web-Presence:
[ ] Directory Listing: FREE
[ ] External Link: $150.00 (only $12.50/month)
[ ] School-Profile Webpage Hosting: $200.00 (only $16.66/month)
[ ] Webpage Production Fees.
[ ] Banner-ad rates.
[ ] Advertising rates in MT MATTERS!, (see example)
[ ] Our Listing and/or the text for our web-page are sent via Email with graphics as "gif" or "jpeg" attachments.
[ ] Our Listing and/or the text for our web-page are sent on a Mac-compatible floppy, with graphics as "gif" or "jpeg" files.

School Name ______________________________ since 199___

Accreditation(s): _______________________________________

Postal Address _______________________________________________

City ________________________________ State ____ Zip ___________

Tel ___________________________ Fax__________________________

URL ______________________________ E-Mail_____________________

Contact Person_____________________ Title___________

Signature:_______________________ Date:______________

To get an administrative head-start, as a school representative, please copy, paste, fill in, and Email the standard Listing info (below) right now. (Don't worry, the bullets do not copy.)

  • Country:
  • State:
  • County (or region):
  • City:
  • [if big] City Section:

  • School Name (all in caps):
  • Contact Person:
  • [if school is on the web] URL:
  • Email Address:
  • Postal Address:
  • Zip:
  • Tel:

Leave the applicable info, delete the rest: [ ] We're interested in
[ ] We've already mailed our check and application for

  • Directory Listing
  • Directory Listing with External Link (to our school's URL)
  • Web-Page production and hosting (for our school) on MTWC.COM
  • Banner-ad with External Link (to our school's URL)
  • A three-line linked ad in MT MATTERS!

Web-Presence. If not now, when?
Reliable. Uncomplicated. Inexpensive. And it works.
Web-Presence. If not here, where?

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