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On a lazy hot New York City Sunday we took Joella to the same Upper Westside monument where we had shot Makoto almost two years ago for the AMTs T-shirt. This time our photographer remembered that we were expecting photos with the white and the black shirts. Not sure where to change, however, Joella came up with a simple idea.

Remember who said: "Give 'em hell!"? . . .


No, sorry. We just . . . "give 'em health!"

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"Layers!" she said.

Of course. "Layers is definitely a cool idea." How come it's never occured to us first? We handed Joella a big white T which she tossed over the black one she had already been wearing. Our photographer managed to take one picture before Joella said: "Hmm...this T is way too big for me, plus I'm getting too hot under these layers. "(see left photo)

Before we knew it, the white T was coming off Joella. Making a quick turn she all at once revealed the full back design of our sure-to-win-compliments new T-shirt.

"Oooh," said the photographer. "I think I caught you in the middle of your dis-layering action." (middle photo).

"What a relief," said Joella. "What's important is that the black T fits so much better. And also, I can now breath!"

"The black T looks great on you, Joella," said the photographer. "Now, let me get the front." Click, click. "OK, front of the black T's done. Is this all we need? Wait, didn't we want to catch the monument?"

"Oh, the monument. Hmm... never mind. We'll get the monument in the fall," we said. "Before the sun goes down, let's go chill out on the other side of the Hudson and watch a post card view of the Manhattan."

And off we drove to New Jersey for some incredible City views and a great dinner in our favorite Turkish restaurant in Cliffside Park.

"Oops..." said our editor. "Haven't you left out the back of the white T?"

"Oh no... Well, let's just say we've left the back of the white T to the exceptional visualization skills of most of our visitors."

Later on, in the restaurant...
"Excuse me," said our waitress to Joella. "Are you a massage therapist, by any chance?"

"How did she ever suspected something like that?" we wondered...

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