Spring 1996 Collection

May, Vol 1, No 1

May 1996, Vol 1, No 1


Well, MT WEB CENTRAL has just scored a small but significant victory when we convinced Yahoo, the Net's#1 Search Engine to categorize us under Health, not only under Business and Economy. Placing MT under Health took less than 48 hours to implement--that's E-Mail and our marketing engine for you...:). We've already told Yahoo! that in the eyes of massage therapists Yahoo!'s stock has gone even higher!

By contrast, we've been trying to get the NYNEX Yellow Pages to classify all the illicit sex/massage parlor ads under Adult Entertainment or something--with little luck . . . Alas, professional massage therapists around the world continue to be, almost automatically, associated with illicit sex--something which needs to change.

Bad as that sounds, the non-virtual world is not entirely indifferent to our views. A letter which we had sent to Virgin Atlantic Airlines objecting to one of their recent ads seems to have worked! The beautiful, expensive ad has been quietly pulled! In case you haven't seen the ad, it was a two-page color spread ad in the NY Times, Sunday Magazine Section and in Architectural Digest, showing a sexy looking woman with a big smile on her face giving an equally "sexy" looking man a FREE massage. ASSOCIATED MTs, the professional network that whose membership dues support this website, told Virgin Atlantic that it thought that the "sexy-line" promotion had been long abandoned by the airline industry . . . But we deeply appreciate their De Facto response.

Can you tell us what is the situation in your part of the world re: massage ads? Are they separated from sex ads? From your experience, which would you say is the best and which is the worst publication which you have seen? Have you organized anything to improve the situation? Would you like to?

When you write with Qs or feedback, remember, we don't need hype. To help one another, we simply need straight info! Don't, however, hesitate to tell us how you feel about the issues! Try to be brief and, in your message, include the part of the message that you're responding to--don't assume that we remember everything--we probably don't . . . :). Thanks.

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