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In a world of growing healthcare problems, when healthcare professionals are concerned about the future of their healing art, new-media publisher and licensed massage therapist, Bruria Ginton, LicMT, has always believed that Massage Therapy (MT) is the universal health link. Call it eingestalt, homeostasis, or Yin and Yang, MT is in concert with all health disciplines. A collection of a wide-range of soft-tissue manipulation techniques and modalities, some ancient and some probably emerging "as we speak," MT supports the very basic tenet that health relies on the continuation of BALANCE. It is the purpose and truly bodymind nature of massage therapy which relates and works so well for clients and patients across the spectrum of all healing disciplines. That's why we invite consumer-friendly health professionals who are open to the integration of the useful in all healing arts to stop by, express views, raise questions, or just tell us about their work and worklife as it pertains to the care of human-beings.

All published material may be edited for clarity, length and style.

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One block west of Central Park and four east of Riverside Park, in New York City, QWL Space was created in 1989 by its owner, a long-time resident of Manhattan's Upper West Side, Bruria Ginton, LicMT, as a multidisciplinary "Green & Drugfree" work environment for some of the neighborhood's creative health professionals and educators, conducive to business success, professionalism, mutual respect, fairness and good will. Our goal has been to strike a healthy balance between QWLs interests and the interests of the users of QWL SPACE, along with the preservation of individual privacy and well-being. To this end, QWL has put together a list of practical guidelines. As of August 1,1996, we have completely "gone web." But if you are in a similar workspace situation--the kind that we've created and enjoyed so very much--we'll be happy to E-mail to you our guidelines upon request. (Just identify yourself and tell us how you found us. Thanks.)

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