We invite, appreciate and seriously listen to ALL skilled or heartfelt feedback. Naturally, the purpose of this scuttlebut is to share with shameless pride some of the positive things that our guests are saying about QWL SPACE and its venues. Don't hesitate to keep spreading the words. . . such as:
  • "I am really, really excited about my career as a therapist and realizing what a life changing experience this is truly turning out to be. I came [to MTWC.COM] for information on preventing injury in our profession. I want to be an MT for a long time. Thank you for the welcoming feeling you have to your website... it is refreshing.
    - Nayelli Cardenas, Huntington Beach, California, USA

  • "Have connected to this web site via a link while doing a search for information. From a quick glance this site is the best I have seen for MTs and one which is presented in a professional manner. I am an American living and working in the UK and feel like I have found a place to come regularly to view and discuss issues. Well done and I shall visit often!!
    - Yvonne Foster, Palmer, Northampton, UK

  • "I am a Registered Massage Therapist in private practice. I graduated from a private school: the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. I also have an academic background in Social Work and Gerontology (which have helped in massage therapy). Happy to have come across this website, hope to learn more through the articles available. Keep up the great work!"
    - Caroline, Ontario, CANADA

  • "Recently came across your website. Terrific job. Nice to know MTs have a place to interact and share from time to time. Now if we can arrive at national standards from totally reputable schools that graduate responsible qualified therapists. It's a great field which hasn't yet reached it's peak. Keep up the work, i'll be tuning in on a regular basis."
    - Paul S, FL, USA

  • "I would also love it if the therapists in Calif. would get organized and lobby for state licensure. I think it's way over due! Thank you for your cool site. I love massage and have been a full-time practioner for 9 years! "
    - Rochelle Brogan, Long Beach, CA, USA

  • "I have a small practice in my hometown. We added workspace onto the house a couple years ago. In the woods, log. Lots of nature surrounds us. Really enjoy the newsletter. Because its a rural area, I don't connect very often with other therapists, except to receive massages, of course. So having this forum is wonderful. Just want to say Hi and thank you and looking forward to the connections. "
    - Nancy, Gowanda, New York, USA

  • "Hey all! This is a great site, very informational. I stumbled upon your site when I was doing research for a college project on "touch." I'm finding your site very useful. Thanks."
    - Andrew D. Fulton, Clarksburg WV, USA

  • "Hi! I'm an MT student who graduates soon! I cant wait to begin an exciting career! I love your site-I have visited many times ! I hope to be able to learn and share with other professionals-your site makes this possible worldwide! I would also love to receive MT Matters!, your newsletter. Is that possible? Thank you so much!"
    - Anna, Ohio, USA

  • "I have two years of college w/Bach. of Science intentions. This is by far the most informative site I've visited all day long. Oh yeah, my favorite color is purple! Have an awesome day! bye,"
    - Billy Voldahl, Forest City, IA, USA

  • "I surf the Internet looking for web sites containing Massage Therapy Information. Massage Therapy Web Central is one of the most comprehensive I have come across. I found your "Global Directory of MTs" very useful since I travel and the coverage is almost World Wide. . . I'm always looking for unique web sites, but because of the way search engines work, unique websites are not always seen by the public as often as they should be. It's a shame because your section "MT Matters" is so very informative, humorous and just plain fun to read. And you also Email it free."
    - Toby Batz, Joplin, MO, USA

  • "Thanks... I found the article on profrssional credentials for MTs very informative. I've worked as a health educator for 20 years, and want to eventually have the option to do something a little different . . . I'll be back to your site. Again, thanks."
    - Linda Frisch , Jarrettsville, MD

  • "I'm a practicing Massage Therapist . . . From visiting the MT Matters! page I know I will look forward with interest to future issues of this monthly newsletter & FAQ. Thanks."
    - Margaret Erdmanis, Sydney, Australia

  • "I had a quick peek. Your message comes through loud and clear and I empathize with it, especially the non-smoking bit! You seem to have tamed the 'line-length' problem, a trap that a lot of people fall into on web pages. Your text is very easy to read. The impression that I get is one of calmness. It seems very ethical without being too 'clinical.'"
    - Joe Gillespie, Multi-Media Artist, Gillespie, Rose & Assoc, London, UK

  • "I've just browsed your pages and they look great! very comprehensive, and well organized. below are a few additional thoughts . . . "
    - Vicky Maxon, Electronic Communications Support SAS Computing, UPenn, PA, USA

  • "I enjoyed reading MT MATTERS!. I am new to using computers and even newer to sending E-mail so please excuse my mistakes. I look forward to staying connected to other professionals and reading more of the interesting articles published on your web-site."
    - Connie, USA

  • "I just wonted to say thanks for promoting massage therapy. I've recently started my own massage therapy practice. I am 19 and feel that I have got into a very promising career. I'm glad to see people promoting this field. Hopefully in time the name that has been given to the field [by the sex industry will cease."
    - Kimberly, Coffeyville, KS, USA

  • "I visited your site and it's WONDERFUL! What you are doing is so important. I've been living with pain in my back and neck for years now, and have recently begun working with a chiropractor and massage therapist. so I'm really beginning to get the difference in quality of work life . . . Please keep the touch."
    - Sharon Kaiser of bizgrowth.com

  • "I have previously visited your site, matter of fact, I have visited it numerous times. I think it is wonderful all that you do. I also think your URL's and the ones that are under construction are/will be great. My friend that is already a MT but is not online visits your web site and also enjoys it . . . Keep up the goodwork."
    - Nancy Bennett, USA

  • "I was very pleased to visit your web-site - A great idea to make so many different services/informations available through one single address!! I particularly appreciate the HandsOn Bookstore . . . keep up your good job!"
    - Mai Juris, Santo Domingo

  • "I just wanted to extend a warm thank you for this wonderful site. As a Certified Massage Therapist I appreciate the information you present."
    - Jaynee, PA, USA

  • "It's a super site ! I saw you internet address in the Touch Therapy Times. Au revoir. . ."
    - Daniel Turcotte, KinČ-Concept, MontrČal, CANADA

  • "This is a fantastic website. By far the most comphehensive online. Thank you for your time and effort."
    - Vicki Miller, Halcyon Massotherapy, Avon Lake, OH

  • "What an informative, enjoyable website you have. I enjoyed it so much that I bookmarked it. I am a student of massage therapy in Texas . . . It's nice to see/hear/read about MTs who have been around a while and are still motivated and committed to the profession as a healing art form. It's really inspiring. I hope/think/know I can make a contribution to the health and well-being of others as well."
    - Unknown Visitor

Again, thanks for all the kind thoughts and sweet words.

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