Health Professionals Have This to Say . . .

If You Still Think that Massage Therapy Is a New Age Fad,
Consider the Following:

"As a physician who advises patients and a 'back sufferer' myself, I have found massage therapy to be beneficial for various musculoskeletal disorders. I have personally benefited from such professional massage for muscle spasm, strain, and tight muscles as well as for stress from a very busy professional and family lifestyle."
- Marcia Naveh, MD, Internal Medicine

"I first received MT for disabling back pain during my marathon training. In addition to the immediate relief, I have since relied on it for stress and pain relief. I think that MT should be seriously explored by the medical community, especially where stress, pain, and tension are a major problem."
- Howard Goldsweig, MD, Oncologist

"Massage therapy is extremely beneficial in reducing the trauma that is caused by running 26 miles. I highly recommend it to runners interested in reducing their recovery time."
- Josef Geldwert, DPM, Podiatrist

"To avoid stomach ulcer, my physcian told me to ease off on Motrin, which I had been using for a 'tennis knee.' A few sessions of MT convinced me that for a demanding lifestyle, massage is a much needed therapy, not a luxury. I wish I had started sooner.
- Andrew Lavender, PhD, NcPsyA, Educator/Psychotherapist

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