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The world is a big place. Some say the web is even bigger... But the professional world of Massage Therapy is neither big nor all that well-developed... At least, not as much as we think it deserves to be!

Because of its expertise, experience, committment and reputation, MT WEB CENTRAL is an ideal interactive showcase for the forces and energies behind the development of the MT profession--wherever they occur. Establishing inexpensive web-presence for all MT organizations who are dedicated to the profession is a natural extension of what MTWC.COM is all about. If interested, identify your organization, describe your mission goals and budget (in USA currency, please), and drop us a note so that we can go to produce and host webpages for your organization. We can even include your membership in our global directory of MTs. Being on the web is awsome. But regardless of where your organization operates, if you're dealing with professionals who understand your needs, it really isn't all that complicated.

NY--A late night fax from Barbara Joel, LicMT, a board member of the New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapists (NYSSMMT), was received at the non-stop, global Webquarters of MT WEB CENTRAL confirming that "The NYSSMMT would like to arrange to get on the world-wide-web @ MASSAGE THERAPY WEB CENTRAL and also to make it accessible to its members." Reflecting on many phone discussions and her impression of the personal Net-surfing demo she had received the Summer before, Joel added: "I can't think of a better way to start the new year!"

Used to short deadlines, Bruria Ginton, LicMT, quickly put together a unique proposal which had been... well... brewing in her mind for months, letting the Society know how easy and inexpensive getting on the web for the organization and its members would be. Ginton, whose work on the Net has been noted by fellow website designers and by many interested surfers alike, has been receiving quite a few requests to put together websites dealing with all sorts of issues. Refusing to divert her focus from QWL SPACE, a terminus for healthier quality work-life, "It would give me great pleasure to create web-presence for fellow MTs," she emphasized in her proposal fax. Her recipe for bringing the Society online was simple, logical, and attractive. A response message from the energetic Joel, reporting that "on January 5, the request to have the NYSSMMT as well as its membrs on the Internet was brought before the Board of Directors and approved." was faxed back soon after that Board meeting.

"Don't worry, the real excitement was conveyed in the follow-up phone calls between Barbara and me, between the Society's membership secretary, Caroline Kennedy and me, and between the Bulletin's editor, Tom LoCascio, and me," explained Ginton. "Yes, being online doesn't mean you don't use the phone, it just means you save it for those special occasions." She added, "And there's a real sense that everybody's eager to get the ball rolling."

When more and more MTs are beginning to realize that "something big and worth joining is happening on the web," an operational alliance between NYSSMMT, the first professional state association for the advancement of MT in the USA, and MT WEB CENTRAL, the first global terminus for present and future MT professionals online, is a natural leap forward for the MT profession as a whole. Essentially, such a practical arrangement enables the Society--with its unique and valuable professional voice--to be listed in the world-wide Directory of Organizations for MTs and have its own cyber-office open non-stop on the well-publicized, well-connected, frequently-visited and un-ambiguously professional-quality MASSAGE THERAPY WEB CENTRAL.

The sense of "something big and worth joining" is not limited to Massage Therapy, of course. The internet, which is growing faster than TV, radio, and the printed media combined, has, for instance, added a new dimension to the familiar "new age" expression. In a recent article entitled "DeCrystallizing the New Age" (New Age Journal, Jan/Feb '97), anthropologist and Buddhist teacher Joan Halifax puts it this way: "I think the New Age is not a new age anymore. It has become mainstream. Indra's Net is stretching across the planet; eveyone is truly interdependent, truly hooked up. There are tremendous flows of information and energy all over the world. When the Zapatistas and people in the rain forest of Borneo are on the Internet sending bulletins, and people in Siberia are Interneting with people in Santa Fe, you realize that this is definitely a New Age. It's an idea whose time has come."

Indeed, except for MT WEB CENTRAL MTs--as a networking group--MT professionals have been relatively slow to use the new media technology in an organized, effective way. But "good ideas come from many experienced sources, and massage therapists around the world deserve to hear about the work of the non-commercial associations especially if they are local," says Ginton, who is a strong proponent of the Internet's "blue ribbon campaign" for freedom of speech. " At last," Ginton concludes, "the MT profession is re-tooling, and global, interactive communications for all professional associations for present and future MTs are underway. It is very very exciting!"

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