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I died on July 9, 1996. It was enormously painful to my family that had given me all a cat could have ever wished for--complete with daily cat massage--for almost 19 years. But it wasn't really such a sad day. Life, as you will very soon see, my life, that is, goes on. To be exact, I'm up to life #7. Seven, fer sure a lucky number. For this round, #7, I've chosen to come back into the world of cyber and to share with fellow felines (shh....there are many of us around) and other interested internauts some of my thoughtful and spontaneous observations.

Oh, my picture was taken by one very creative artist, "Flash" McLash, who later on died at twenty-something of AIDS. Now that is sad! Flash came by to shoot some MT-related photos of a reputable massage therapist--my Mom, all right--and one of her world-class clients. An ice dancer, a client who was getting ready for the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo... Ahh...Remember when Yugoslavia was still a cool place to visit? When the MT photos were developed, there I was... Somehow, Flash hadn't been able to resist taking my picture too. Yes, I've been one charming cat. I guess the greyscale is only fitting for the presence of a passed-away, come-back cat, but I don't mind telling you that I was a glorious orange with some grey areas on my nose and tail, some touches which made my otherwise irrisistible looks a little

Oh, I've just learned that Americans spend about four billion dollars a year on cat food. Wow, if they only spent a fraction of that on professional MT... Of course cats appreciate the value of touch without having to be educated about it. Hmm, most people will touch a cat with greater ease than they will touch one another. That, of course, was never the case in my family. There, everybody had lots of hugging and touching. And guess who was almost always in the center of it all? My feline brother and two sisters would have a good fight on occasion. But not I. I was happy to be the sponge love, absorbing as much from all directions. With all the touching that was going on, I was kind of wondering if the human memebers of my family would ever start purring too. They never did. Snoring was the best they could have come up with. Strange, isn't it? So stay tuned . . . till I get more stuff uploaded. In the meantime, feel free to talk to me. And thanks for all the lovely lines some of you have already been dropping me.

For all of you, human-keepers of pets on earth, here's a useful source of info on moving pets. It's the kind of thing you normally think about just when it's too late. The sweetest pet owner will often forget how stressful moving is for beings of the Pet persuation. So I couldn't wait to pass on that info.

So nice to have you on board
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