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As we speak our mind, there is an exciting sports event taking place somewhere on the globe. Among sport events, there are many great running races, wonderful Marathons--with men and women, fast ones, middle of the road, slow, and the physically challenged--all running the same course on the same day, starting and finishing on the same Start and Finish lines.

But there's is one very special Marathon. A race whose course goes through the five boroughs of the [first non-virtual] City That Never Sleeps. Just when you'd think that NYC simply has no space for another ounce of extra load of energy, the NYC Marathon demonstrates that once a year this city operates on human "energy-doublers..." yes, thousands of human "energy-doublers..." With another exciting display of what the human Bodymind can do, another NYC Marathon has just happened on Sun Nov 2, '97. And the two happy winners are:

The NYC Marathon is the sports event that led the way to the organized participation of MT professionals in many sport events in the USA in the 20th century. That story is a bit long (but we promise to tell it soon). Till then, to all the runners, the winners, the scores of volunteers, the NY Road Runners Club, and to the Big Apple spectators:


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