Where Massage Therapy Has Arrived . . .

If you still think that MT is a New Age fad, check out the following:

"Since my first session (NYC 1981), MT has definitely helped my performance again and again. I believe everyone who runs should have massage. In fact, everyone who lives should have MT!"
- Grete Waitz, Olympic Runner, Nine-time Winner, NYC Marathon

"A whole new dimension has been added to my training ever since I started a program of regular MT. Europeans ice-dancers use massage all the time. And for good reason."
- Judy Blumberg, Olympic Skater

"My running career has taught me that a serious runner needs professional massage. Finding a good massage therapist is a major step toward a healthy lifestyle."
- Matt Centrowitz, Olympic Runner and Trainer

"After I raced my first pain-free triathlon with an improved PR, I finally agreed with my marathoner wife that, for endurance athletes, MT is no 'sissy' stuff."
- Larry Hutcher, Attorney, Finisher: Iron Man Triathlon

"MT has enabled me to move more freely and to dissipate the unaesthetic, uncomfortable tension I had developed around my neck and shoulders."
- Hallie Wanamaker, Choreographer

"The question for an athlete is how to offset work-stress aches and pains without side-effects. The solution is MT. It's a cost-effective investment in yourself."
- Roger Dowdeswell, Top-50 World Tennis Player, Zimbabwe Davis Cup Coach

"MT is probably one of the most important medical aspect of my running life. I always have a massage before a marathon. I don't have one as regularly afterward only because often I don't have the opportunity."
- Fred Lebow, Founding President, New York Road Runners Club

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