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Uploaded in January 1996, this website has become THE reliable online hive for the MT profession because people can count on us to provide reliable and meaningful professional-level content. In recent years, more and more MT professionals have been sensing and voicing their objection to the imbalance between the MT profession and the MT-related industry. MTs have been long objecting to the imbalance in conventional medicine between the medical profession and its related industry (ie corporate pharmaceuticals and HMOs). Rightly so, MT professionals don't want their beloved profession experience the same pitfalls.

Appropriate commercial content--even when its source is not-for-profit--is identified as "Banner Ad" or "Commercial Message". By keeping clear boundaries, we wish to preserve the integrity and independence of our professional content as we create an attractive and useful marketplace--all at the same time! And, oh, we are not interested in publicizing MLM offers or "adult entertainment" products and services.

Now what better than an example of a long satisfied (past) advertiser from Lake Tahoe?

Commercial Message

In support of worthwhile causes such as EARTH SHARE and DRUGS DON'T WORK, we have been carrying such banner-ads on a first-come, first-serve, pro-bono basis. And we invite corporations who share with us a "Green & Drugfree" vision of this world to sponsor our website. Why not let your banners generate good will and traffic for you right here on board MASSAGE THERAPY WEB CENTRAL?

In response to a stream of questions about MT education, we have been inviting all MT Schools to be listed for a small monthly fee in our Global Directory. Companies in MT-related industries can also take advantage of our high-target traffic by listing your products and services with us. You will be delighted to know that, for a limited time, we are offering the most irresistible rates--FREE classifieds. Our enthusiastic, creative staff can construct, maintain, and host webpages for you as well. Or we can link your listings here to your existing websites. Best of all, our rates are very attractive.

Your commercial message? Yes. This could be...

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Above all, we're here to help the MT profession get online smoothly and quickly, without obstacles or fruSTRESSion. If interested, ask us any question. But please identify yourself, your need, your company, product/service your organization and get more info from us.

So nice to have you on board
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