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In January 1996 MTWC.COM started operating as the first global MT resource center and professional community on the web. Since then, MT Web Central has been a leading website which keeps growing. With more banner-ad revenue from big corporations that are aware of our targeted traffic (you have probably seen these ads rotating on the TOC and other busy pages of MTWC.COM) we are making more of our content FREE. And as you may know, we use proceeds from all other sales (of books, music CDs, T-shirts, etc) to publicize and promote massage therapy in the general media. In short, all (qualified) applications are now entitled to a free practice listing! In addition, every month five applicants will win by lotto the MTWC.COM's official T-shirt. Winners receive those T-shirts no matter how far away from our Silicon Alley headquarters you practice.
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MT WEB CENTRAL has been busy building its professional community and a solid professional infrastracture for our community. Filled with the original excitement which launched us (Jan '96) into the Webdom of Bodymind Healthwork, we're the central independent voice of the profession, proud to inform the public about the difference between MT and the commercial massage variety and provide content for fellow MTs. And you can be part of our goals and accomplishments in more than one way.

Other than coming back as often as you like, expressing yourself, shopping for books, music CDs, T-shirts and other MT-related goodies, reading (or even writing one of) our featured articles, you can get MT MATTERS!, our newsletter & FAQ straight into your mailbox--all for FREE.

Also, you can establish your own professional web-presence on board our dynamic, high-traffic website. Being in front of potential clients and patients, or employers, that is, being and looking your professional best 24 hours, seven days a week has never been less expensive, less complicated, more important, and so effective. Unlike some health maintenance organizations (HMOs) that impose a limit, or demand that you discount your fees, we give you global (not local) exposure and abolutely encourage you to charge as much as the market and your conscience will bear!

What's more, if you're caught in it, web-presence on MTWC.COM will enable you to break away from the dubious "employment" market (health clubs, beauty and Back-Rub salons, bars, etc) which often compromizes your skills without adequate professional compensation. All qualified MTs deserve better. Yes, you too can Make The Difference in a big, practical way.

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All MTs who wish to go web with us must qualify as outlined in the applicable category under which they wish to come on board MTWC.COM. For details, please review all "Your Success Is Our Priority" options. To qualify for web-presence at the special-offer rates, all text and images must be submitted via E-Mail, or on a floppy disk compatible with the Macintosh platform (with images in a "jpeg" or "gif" format).

MTs are solely responsible for their practices, their professional-bios and any other info which we publish for them on our website. (see Disclaimer).

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